Hail damage?

We'll work with your insurance company to fix your vehicle.
Pay no deductible and walk away with $200 just for bringing your car in to our shop.


Located in Dallas, TX, The Hail Repair Center provides industry-leading paintless dent repair to retail customers and commercial body shops.


Here's how it works:

  1. Schedule a time to drop off your car at our retail shop.
  2. Bring your car and the repair estimate from your insurance company.
  3. We'll have your car fixed in 24-48 hours.
  4. We'll handle your claim directly with your insurance company so you don't have to, AND
  5. You pay no deductible. In fact, we'll give you $200 when you drop your car off!
  6. We stand by our work with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee!

Not only do we work directly with your insurance company, we'll fix your car at no cost to you and put money back in your wallet. A full-service body shop can't do that because they're required to charge you your deductible. Make an appointment today and walk away with $200.

Our paintless dent repair technique requires no painting, allowing you to keep the factory paint warranty on your vehicle. And we work with all insurance companies.


Phone & Email

(817) 719-4245



1008 West Harris Rd
Arlington, TX 76001




I brought them my brand new 2013 F-150 after the hail storm we had here on the Westbank all dinged up. You would never know anything ever happened after they got done with it. PDR techs they employ are top notch! Very friendly staff and highly recommend them to anyone.
— Robert L, California Customs customer

We're based in Dallas and our certified technicians handle all the paintless dent repair for the Caliber Collision Centers in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area. We also send international teams to body shops and dealerships all over the world - wherever hail strikes - including:

  • Caliber Collision Centers, Dallas-Fort Worth
  • California Customs, New Orleans, LA
  • GM, Chrysler, and Mazda dealers in Denver, CO
  • Toyota dealers in Georgia
  • The Chrysler plant in Detroit, MI
  • The Ford plant in St Louis, MO
  • Dentforce, Canada
  • Renault in France
  • BMW in Switzerland
  • Nissan in Dubai
  • Honda in Mexico


Call (817) 719-4245 from 8am-6pm, Monday through Saturday,
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